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Local Online Clicks® was founded to help small business owners make sense of the countless online advertising opportunities. There is a never-ending list of companies claiming they can send visitors to your business, if you pay them. Local Online Clicks® combines all these decisions into one, simple marketing strategy that balances your budget across the world’s largest, and most active search engines and social media. Local Online Clicks® helps your business attract people searching for your services, advertise to people who left your website without making a purchase, and gain exposure across a number of highly trafficked websites. Local Online Clicks® also helps your business increase its social media following by attracting potential new clients to your pages. Local Online Clicks® is built on one premise: to bring a simple, transparent, and extremely effective approach to online advertising. This allows our clients to understand exactly what they get for their marketing dollars and where their results come from, so they can make better investment choices over time. Local Online Clicks® helps you get more clicks and more clients.

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At Local Online Clicks® we have one goal: to make things simple. That’s why our customers have a personal marketing consultant to help them make sense of the numbers, brainstorm ideas, and track the return on investment.
Search Engine Marketing allows you to avoid the expensive, confusing world of SEO, where everyone is trying to show on the first page of Google. Instead, it allows you to promote your business while understanding exactly where your money is going and what results it is generating.
Social Media Marketing involves advertising your social media pages to build your following with real, local people that are interested in your business. It also involves promoting your social media content to reach more people in your network.
In addition to advertising on search engines, it is important to advertise where people spend most of their time online: consuming content. Whether it be news, sports, entertainment, or forums, people spend an increasing amount of time online reading or watching the things that interest them.


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Get the word out about your business by identifying the most important online channels, creating compelling ads, and investing in drawing people to your website and social media. Local Online Clicks® helps you increase your online presence and build awareness in your community.


Using the tools provided by search engines and social media, we ensure your ads are reaching qualified leads, and that you are not spending money marketing to people who will never be clients. We can target ads by keyword, location, age, interests, and much more. Advertising used to be about having a wide reach, now it is about having a targeted reach.


Every business owner knows that marketing is a never-ending process, and what works one month might not work the next. Using Local Online Clicks®, you get real time results so you can always know what is working. We continually help you adjust your strategy to make use of the most effective channels for your business.


We make it clear which ads are performing and what campaigns are generating a return for your business. By simplifying the process and eliminating the salespeople at each search engine or social media avenue, we help you keep a clear picture of what works for you. Simple tracking, effective results.

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A strategy is a designed action for the single purpose of accomplishing goals. At Local Online Clicks®, our thinking process is defined by your measure of success. To reach those goals, we leverage a combination of our technical and creative prowess that spans the globe. In doing so, we are able to provide diverse concepts through our Local Online Clicks® process, delivering a strategy that will get you the results.

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